Presentation Design

Presentation Design

I design the hell out of presentation decks.

I have 3 years of agency experience and have worked in New Business, so I work wicked fast, even under extreme time pressure. With my experiences in being both a Creative and a Strategist, I understand the challenges on both sides, and consider both the verbal and visual communication on the deck. I work closely with account and planning people (even C-level execs) to fully understand their content, and challenge myself to make the entire deck as impactful as possible. 

“Design like no one else can, girl.” - Peter McGuinness, former CEO of DDB Chicago

Instead of simply cleaning up the typography and visuals of the given content, I establish a visual hierarchy within a deck to highlight its key messages. I manage the pace of the visuals on each slide in order to avoid overwhelming the audience with a series of flashy colours and information overload.

I create visuals that are cohesive throughout the entire deck and embody the spirit of the brand.

e.g. Deck design for airline brand

I consider the story that the data wants to tell whenever I am putting together charts or infographics.

I am a conceptual thinker who looks for culturally relevant images that fit the content.

e.g. Powerpoint template for television shows

  1. Pawn Stars: about four guys who run a pawn shop, and the curious objects that their customers bring
  2. Shipping Wars: about drivers who deliver the most odd objects from one place to another without damaging them
  3. Sons of Liberty: about the characters who led the revolutionary war in America