Some may have heard of this stupid show called Psych that ran from 2006 to 2014 on the USA Network. It’s about an idiot who solves crimes with his equally idiotic sidekick by pretending to be a psychic. After the initial character development, it’s pretty much 8 seasons of dumb gags, like when the main character becomes one of the hostages and tells the bad guy, “Why don't you let the women and children and men go?”


I still play it nearly every night when I’m falling asleep and when I’m getting ready in the morning. Even my password is about this show. (You’d never guess it, don’t bother.) I still haven’t seen the last season, because I am saving that one for when I’m in my death bed. 


I love this show, and I need this show.


I won’t argue how dumb the show is, because as a comedy, Psych isn’t nearly as finely crafted as 30 Rock or The Office. Psych is not secretly highbrow and is not meant to hold up the mirror to society. Yet, 

Arrested Development

there’s something about the show that appeals . I am just saying that it certainly deserves more attention than it did as another one of those cable shows. 


It makes me happy

it’s brilliant

don’t judge me. 





Background: the beginning


Shawn Spencer was meant to do great things—to become a cop just like his dad. Well, that was according to his dad anyway. Ever since Shawn was little, his dad drilled him with impossibly difficult exercises to hone Shawn’s observation skills. e.g. “Close your eyes. How many hats are in the room?” 


Instead, Shawn Spencer grew up to be a man-child, who drives a motorcycle and has proudly held “57 jobs” since he has left high school. After his parent’s divorce, he had become estranged from his father, and the closest thing he did to becoming a detective was calling in tips to the police for fun whenever he picked up random clues from the news. 


Unfortunately, the police takes his tips as evidence that he has been partaking in those crimes, so Shawn talks his way out of jail by claiming that he’s a psychic. In the process of utilising his superb observation skills to prove to the police that he indeed is a psychic, he hears his calling as a ‘psychic detective’ and opens a private detective agency with his best friend, Gus. 




comes in handy to convince 

when talking his way out 


gotten him 

come in handy when proving his ‘gift’.


He just goes with it. 



He doesn’t take things too seriously. 




romance between him and juliet


He has a short attention span, and quits. selfish


He dates women as they come, and 


He’s clearly smart


He’s a smart-ass. 


He’s self-absorbed. 


he got a perfect score on the detective exam when he was 14. 


a boy who hasn’t matured. qualities of a boy


His dad, on the other hand, was dead serious about 

a retired cop

hard-ass. wasn’t afraid to book him when he stole a car

Shawn was meant to do great things—to become a cop


Chief Vick/

chief dick / 7th season




Juliet O’Hara

a female junior detective who wants to learn and do better


Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter

his nick name trivialises his profession.

who has a “master’s degree” in criminology

the hardest character to like, but is like-able because he’s got a heart




cute girl in every episode


80s child


escapism - james bond? today’s responsibilities / working for oneself / well, he does have chief vick as the boss. 


only the idiots would believe in psychics / incredulous

mr spencer, just to be sure you’re claiming to be a psychic.


incorrigible character


you’ve got the cynic, and two wise women who wouldn’t easily fall for psychic or things like that


who is shawn? The child actor used to be a whole lot mischievous and self-centred, which was a lot of fun than a good kid.


3 fingers/reflection


gus having all these different names


Just like Ben in Parks and Recreation - finding their element. Finding a home.


“In my time working for the state government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I had lived in villages with 8 people, rural farming communities, college towns, I was sent to every corner of Indiana. And then I came here and I realised that this whole time, I was just wandering around everywhere just looking for you.”

By the way, if you didn’t cry while watching that, you can go back to your robot factory. 


lying - not worried about the consequence


opens the show with back when he was a boy. his dad’s training means a lot


the american scoobi doo

Eddie Izzard

“Shaggy and Scooby are interesting characters. They are two of the main characters in the American literature, because—and I mean this sincerely—and I think it’s fantastic, because they are cowards. They’re cowardly characters who live in cowardice and sandwiches? and can you think of any, in the whole realm of English-speaking literature, that are like that—cowardly characters that you can identify with. because you identify with them. You’re with them all the way. Go shaggy! Go scooby! 


shamelessly celebrates when they get something right with idiotic dances. As if there is being a detective is not a dignified job. 


Maybe the appeal is that we watch detective shows, and see ourselves doing it. The show is about how two ordinary best friends can totally pull it off.


boyish dreams


It’s okay to be idiots. 


politician - idiot


off the screen romance






no blood


a cop who takes his job way too seriously, too easy to make fun of, yet a good cop


pop culture happy hour - observer vs 


It is one of the best things that has happened to me and I can’t live without it. 


It’s just like playing your favourite artist in the morning and night. 

Since they are both on Netflix that remembers exactly where I have watched it, I don’t have to sacrifice the memory on my phone, etc. 


I never really got into music. When I was three years old, I had a Korean piano teacher, 

I was under the impression I am not very good at it. 


There is a wonderful human being called Kevin Potis that I used to work with. He is a delightfully kind, funny, considerate man, and I would not dare say anything against him. But he said that his daughter loves the show and he also said that the actors are really bad. I completely ignored that memory. 


lowbrow show that is actually brilliant. 



watching an episode from the 5/6th season and jumping to the pilot


No, ma’am, I am never growing up



It’s a hard sell

flawed father, who pushed his son to be a detective

how gives him a kiss

a big deal about not saying i love you

I can’t think of a single episode to recommend to Grant, who is tired of hearing about how obsessed I am with the show.


screaming like a little girl

Iv’e heard it both ways




This is what he is meant to do. The fact that he is doing it for almost a decade


the morals of lying: This is how i do good


Not sure why /i/ like it so much, personally.

There’s a Chris Pratt video back when he was in Everwood.

“I wanna never take life too seriously.”

free spirited


James Roday was once voted as the sexiest man or whatever


Season 7 (chief vick)


sidekick: gus


tough love


Yet when Grant was finally willing to give the show a shot, I couldn’t come up with a single episode to recommend him, because they’re all DUMB.


the change in child actor


“about a guy who is an observer masquerading as an intuiter.” 


compare to other detective shows


mr. holmes / mrs fishers


The show has produced enough characters who are fooled by his ‘psychic’ powers to last eight seasons, 




you’re not in it for the crime stories


amateur vs professional

oberver vs intuiter (arturo, ms marple) / has elements of both, deduces

traumatized vs impurvious

using other people’s assumption about weakness and insignificance and destroying them. 

using underestimation as weapon

veronica mars, columbo

encyclopedia brown - encyclopedia

eccentric detective


making logical leaps

columbo - starts with the murder


batman - traumatised - lends itself to cliche

i need to know that the human was affected

broadchurch - coming to contact with evil changes you